University Kickboxing Organisation

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Who We Are

The UK University Kickboxing Organisation (UKO) is proud to be working alongside the British Kickboxing Council (BKC) with the goal of making Kickboxing a BUCS sport! Our aim is to create a unified approach to Kickboxing within the higher education sector, working with the BKC to manage, promote and develop the clubs that work out of colleges and universities around the country.  

The UKUKO representative also has a voting position at BKC AGMs and EGMs, allowing them to help to shape the future of the sport not just within the education sector, but as a whole. Not only do we want to provide better prospects for athletes within the sport going into higher education, but also after graduation and beyond.

What We Do

The UKO acts as a direct point of governance for the sport within the higher education sector, managing unified title bouts and competitions (sanctioned by the BKC and held under BKC rules), assisting with club management, helping to promote University clubs and liaising with Student Unions, BUCS and other groups.

The UKO is also building a Varsity Kickboxing League featuring individual and team-based events under both Semi-Contact (Points) and Light-Contact (Continuous) rules. Find the official page for the league at:

Where We Do It

The UKO has a presence in Universities all around the UK, including Edinburgh, Swansea, Bath and more!